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Robotaki tackles fear on "Dreamcatcher" with Foreign Family Collective

Finding his groove between electronic and experimental R&B grooves is Toronto-based producer Preston Chin, better known by his stage name Robotaki. Today he shares, "Dreamcatcher," a soft lighthearted love single with indie record label Foreign Family Collective.

The track features vocalist and songwriter Miko, who lays down his sugary chops on top of Robotaki's rich soundscapes of groovy instrumentals, ethereal strings, and punchy synth lines, almost tropical in nature. On a songwriting front, the track tackles confronting fear and the little voice inside our heads that might push us away from feeling good. 

Chin sheds a bit of light on his emotionally driven track and shares over email, "When I produced 'Dreamcatcher,' l was drawn to the idea that it’s only through other people that we’re capable of truly understanding ourselves and our dreams. The right person in your life can help you realise your dreams, not necessarily because they’re directly involved with them per se, but because that person can inspire you to live without fear. Someone pursuing their dreams must make decisions out of passion, but more often than not, we make choices based off of fear without even realizing it. We all have an inner voice that continually coaxes us towards what seems like the right thing to do, rather than what is honest for ourselves, so is that voice really your own? I believe that sometimes we need someone to protect us from ourselves". 

Over the past decade, Robotaki has built his resume, not around the master's degree in Cell Biology he left behind, but around sound design, production and international touring. He calls himself a "deeply introspective and intellectual thinker", and is set to take this year to release his debut album. 

Connect with Robotaki:  Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



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