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Jamie Lane is taking things "EZ"

Australian artist Jamie Lane first came to our notice when he popped up on our bi-weekly feature The Slice with the soulful, atmospheric collaboration "Say It Again" featuring American singer-songwriter Naji. Since then, he went on to drop his debut album Minimal Haze - which showcased his penchant for warm ethereal sounds and smooth melodies. Fast-forward to 2020, the talented act returns from his short hiatus to kick off the new year with a funky new electro-house piece he calls "EZ" - an infectious electro-house groove and with multiple layers of deep throbbing basslines, lush pads and ethereal vocals that permeate throughout.

"EZ" brings with it a personal feel as the track actually sees the artist dwelling on anxiety issues stemming from not being able to establish a true connection with someone he has feelings for. This is something some of us have had to go through and adds a layer of relatability to Lane's music that makes him so each an easy artist to connect with. 

Connect with Jamie Lane : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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