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Turn the volume up to "Eleven" on Khalid's latest single

At now just 21 years of age, singer-songwriter Khalid has already impressed audiences and won over hearts of so many people around the world. In 2019, his album Free Spirit has not only left a monumental impact on modern R&B but has also garnered multiple awards, such as an American Music Award for Favorite Album Soul/R&B and was debuted as #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Keeping his winning streak going into 2020, he releases a new single called "Eleven." With the ability to touch your soul with his lyrics and a unique voice, Khalid opens his heart even further for fans through this latest lyric video. 

Car rides with good music are always a vibe when you're with someone who shares your same energy. This is probably why Khalid chose the appropriate imagery in order to show his audience how he feels about this woman. There is just something extremely intimate and special about taking a car ride at night. Human emotion is highly addictive when the vibe is right. Because of this, the car can even serve as a sacred place, where all kinds of emotions, including both happiness and sadness, take place. Khalid taps into that energy and passionately croons, "Late at night, eleven, we're cruisin'. Lately, I've been watchin' your movements. If I'm the only one that you're choosin'. Am I your favorite drug you've been usin'?" After hearing this track, your favorite drug might just be Khalid's music. And, if you're not with that special someone, then maybe you'll even have time to make a wish at 11:11 pm.
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