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"Take A Bite" of Attawalpa's new single

Artists often toy around with gimmicks and trends to grab an audience's attention to keep up with the pace of our current world, and on occasion, they sadly forfeit some of their creative personality in the process. South American born, and London-based multi-instrumentalist Attawalpa is a rarity, in this case. Taking on a distinct artistic character and proudly swimming against these tropes in exchange for making something truly timeless, he caught our attention from the first guitar lick.

On "Take A Bite", he proves to be one of London's most compelling talents, despite this only being his second single to date. He's woven together a lifetime of rich musical inspiration, into a grooving rock-fuelled journey through time and moreover, his own brain. It comes across like a raunchy soundtrack a neon-lit night in London, yet visually adds another dimension, balancing a rose-tinted homage to London, with playful themes of infamy.

Lifted from his forthcoming EP Spells, expect a banner year from Attawalpa.

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