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HARINA unveils her trap-pop debut with the attitude-ridden "Nothing"

London-based soon-to-be-pop-icon HARINA shares the sensational new single "Nothing". Underlined with a sleek trap-pop beat, the single is an ode to not letting anyone prevent you from securing your goals.

Fleeing her future as a dentist to move to London, the German-born artist is progressing through her dreams to become a star. Despite being her debut solo release, the single proves that HARINA is pop icon in the making. Featuring her soulful vocals, the track packs in the punches, demanding that listeners take notice of her artistry and listen to what she has to say. And what she's saying is important btw - she's taking no shit from anyone who tells her she can't do what she wants. 

“In the past, other people’s expectations have led me into confusion and made me lose my intuition when making important decisions," HARINA tells us. "The wrong guidance has pulled me away from my initial plans and put me into a state of self-doubt... The whole message behind “Nothing“ is the realisation that these promises are not always made in goodwill and might not lead you to a place you want to be in. I reached a point where I’m letting other people’s opinions go and seeking my own way to find fulfilment. Nothing, absolutely nothing will stop me from doing what I want.”

Gals and guys, raise your glasses, cos this is a 2020 anthem that'll make sure we achieve our goals. And I'm here for it. HARINA is a badass woman with music to match.

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