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Exsiderurgica’s “The Milky Way” is out of this world

Exsiderurgica’s latest release, The Milky Way EP, is nothing short of industrial madness. Released via one of techno’s most ruthless labels, SNTS’s Sacred Court, the five-track EP is sure to get hearts racing and blood pumping as it unfolds.

The first track of the EP, “Red Stripe” gets straight to business - and yet still remain tame compared to what is to come. It’s about as percussive as they come, yet rolls along calmly enough to set the pace for the coming tracks without setting an impossible task. “Rubber”, the following track is immediately more intense. If you’re looking for relentless, takes-no-prisoners techno, then Exsiderurgica is the producer for you. All it takes is a brief listen through some prior productions to grasp the exact sound Giorgio Cerrato has mastered the art of; The Milky Way EP is a glowing product of his efforts.

 “Lombrico”, which appears as the fourth track on the EP is much like “Rubber”; it’s the sort of techno that doesn’t give anyone any time to rest. From the first second to the last, there’s a distinct lack of any sort of build up, drop, or anything that might break the rhythm - the kind of music that’s utterly easy to get lost in. Whilst “Lombrico” and “Rubber” remain by far the most industrial tracks on the release, “Deepfake” presents the listener with a much smoother alternative. It’s relentless in it’s own way - and there’s still no peaks or troughs - but it has a much groovier sound than the prior tracks. The way the track develops can only be described as classy; it’s extremely easy on the ears, and a standout track from the release.

Whilst the vinyl release only contains the four tracks mentioned above, the digital release comes with a bonus track, “Notturno”. “Notturno” feels almost like the perfect blend of the sounds from both “Rubber” and “Deepfake”. It has the best of both worlds, and rounds the EP off nicely. The Milky Way is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish; it’s not surprising Sacred Court snatched it up.

The Milky Way can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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