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Sarsha Simone sheds her pain on "Triggered"

Sarsha Simone is back as she launches her Songs to cry to music series with "Triggered" being the first of many singles to be released every month in 2020. The music series aims to focus on her vocal strengths, raw passionate unfiltered lyrics coupled with stripped back instrumentals to keep things as organic as possible. "Triggered" is a heartwarming ballad mainly made up of lush nostalgia-inducing keys that exude the same pained emotions Simone delivers. 

The single is about all types of relationships, be it friendships or romantic partners that need to end but don't. For some reason, the cycle of falling back into their arms keeps reappearing and Simone takes time to reflect on these situations while pondering on the never-ending inner turmoil. 

Sarsha Simone sure knows how to keep things engaging as this single is just a tip of the iceberg as she unveils what she is going to deliver on the next release from the monthly music series.

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