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"Wherever You Are", Kodaline's new anthem will bring you home

When the world feels just a little too heavy and loud, sometimes the best therapy is a simple love song that encapsulates perfectly just what the world could be. Dublin's indie-pop quartet, Kodalinehave mastered this medicinal art form, delivering infectious singles coated with humble lyrics and emotive melodies. Their newest single "Wherever You Are" doesn't disappoint, once again sweeping us away into a blissfully ignorant daydream. 

Of course, not all love stories are rose-coloured, and this one teeters between the melancholic and anthemic. "‘Wherever You Are’ is about loved ones staying in your heart and mind even when they’re not with you,” lead vocalist Garrigan shares. “I wrote it specifically for my girlfriend as due to being away on tour all the time, we never really get to see each other." Capturing these searing emotions not only in the lyrics but in the composition itself, Kodaline manages to create a sound that is honest yet simple to follow. Garrigan's gentle voice glides atop a bed of harmonized vocals, bolstered by a lulling guitar melody. As the bridge swells with vocal fervour, so does the production with the addition of a supporting bass line. And just as quickly as it rises, it falls back down again, landing gracefully on its feet on top of that effortless guitar. It's a comprehensive song that acts as a tour guide, navigating through the emotional safari of a lengthy separation from a loved one.

Quiet and pensive at times, yet roaring underneath it all, it's a therapeutic anthem that heralds in the band's forthcoming fourth album, due out later this year. 

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