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Indie rockers Mo Lowda & The Humble share gripping new single “Sleeves”

Based in the City of Brotherly Love, indie-rock trio Mo Lowda & The Humble still feels like today’s best-kept secret in music. The band, who always had this underdog presence, is reliable time and time again at releasing some of the most enthralling music out there. Now they return with “Sleeves,” the first single off their forthcoming LP Ready Coat. It has all the right fixings to remind us poignant indie-rock and purposeful songwriting still means something in this ever-changing music landscape of fly by night entertainers.

Known for their killer live performances with melodic rock songs that take off like rocket ships, Mo Lowda & The Humble shifts their focus to something a bit quieter on “Sleeves.” The sonic textures are rich and melancholic while the vocals and lyrics comfort you like seeing a beloved friend again from yesteryear. “Sleeves” proves that Mo Lowda & The Humble can still be compelling and unique when they dial it back, which is a testament to their superb musicianship. As the three-piece keep things steady on the sonic forefront, they bring emphasis toward solid songwriting. Listeners will become lost and found with the group’s relatable themes of societal pressures and the stresses of comparing your personal growth with others. In this case, “Sleeves” is the calm before the storm for the group. In the long run, however, Mo Lowda & The Humble will be always inciting thunder into their music.

“Lyrically, ‘Sleeves’ stresses the importance of realizing that everyone has their own path and timeframe,” frontman Jordan Caiola informed me over email. “It was inspired by the immediacy of our peers’ life updates that is so readily available these days (i.e. engagements, marriages, having kids) and not giving in to the pressure of feeling like you need to be on that same trajectory, no matter what age,” said Caiola.

In addition to lead singer/guitarist Jordan Caiola, the band is comprised of bassist/keyboardist Jeff Lucci and drummer Shane Woods. The outfit had previously released the stand-alone single “Power Trip” last summer. Their upcoming third album Ready Coat is due out March 6th.

Connect with Mo Lowda & The Humble: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify 

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