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Synchronistic shares new track "resistance"

Portland-based electronic musician Synchronistic just released a buzzing new track "resistance" last week leaving us in high hopes for what the young creative has in store for the new decade. The new jam is Michael Cullen's most recent music in almost a year. Overflowing with ambient vibes that both soothe and overwhelm, "resistance" is just what the name suggests, a fluctuating struggle of power and peace, tension and relief.

Synchronistic, also the founder of vast electronic alliance Phuture Collective, describes his style as "future bass" and this new track seems to match the assessment beautifully. "sesistance" in all of its ebbs, flows and pulses sounds like attempts to transcend the present and settle into new sonic landscapes. The lush synths invoke feelings of floating through space while the constant ticks and whirs of the drums are reminders of human progress and persistence. Mixed beautifully, seemingly counteractive parts of the composition flow in and out of each other with tremendous ease. As the initial leading tones fade out, new stronger hums take their place and can bring the listener to lose themselves in certain moments. Ambient music influences are present here despite a strongly engaging and dynamic melody throughout. These balances of passive and aggressive, strong and soft, and sharp and smooth all blend beautifully for a very immersive new track from synchronistic.

This whimsical new track from Synchronistic marks promise for a strong new decade for both himself and his peers of Phuture Collective. Only time will tell what kind of infectious electronic soundscapes will be cooked up next.

Connect with Synchronistic: Soundcloud | Facebook


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