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“Headlights” shine from Squirrel Flower’s debut album

Ahead of Squirrel Flower’s debut album release I Was Born Swimming (out on Polyvinyl January 31), Boston native Ella O’Connor Williams, the young woman behind the music, released two cohesive and powerful singles. Lead single “Red Shoulder” is a strong dream folk tune with enviable guitar hooks and killer breakdowns. A fine and nice teaser to the rest of the album.

The softer “Headlights” is a quiet, emotional story that’s worth playing on repeat. The line “Headlights look different when I’m looking over my shoulder” sum up the tune beautifully: it’s about moving beyond and struggling with goodbyes. Says Williams of the album as a whole: “There’s so much in the record about movement and stagnation. Feeling stuck, needing to move, needing to stay still, swimming, falling, running, growing, etc, etc.”

Lyrics feel emotional, the band keeps it light and warm and the accompanying music videos give a taste of Squirrel Flower brings live. Check out her video and find tour dates on her site listed below.


Connect with Squirrel Flower: Bandcamp | Facebook | Website | Instagram

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