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Loving continues their busy year with "Lately in Another Time" [Video]

Loving was not expecting much when they pieced together an eighteen minute, seven-song self-titled EP in 2016. Band members David Parry and brothers, Lucas and Jesse Henderson built the album in a long-distance format assembling tracks from the chill Victoria coast to the bustling city sounds of Toronto. These kinds of projects rarely have a specified goal in mind when they are released but in the current state of the music industry, if you can jump on just one playlist, it can change the entire landscape and vision behind the music. 

With over three million streams on five out of seven of those tracks, Loving saw an opportunity and collected themselves in their familiar West coast island to play more live shows and work collaboratively in person on producing some new material.

After building momentum on a deliberate three-year hiatus, Loving is back in 2019 with a flourish touring with the likes of fellow bedroom indie-pop artists Crumb and Still Woozy while releasing four singles — the instant classic “Nihilist Kite Flyer,” which was ranked the #64 on Noisey’s top-100 songs of 2019, the splendidly stupor “Visions,” the melancholic “Only She Knows,” and has culminated with their newest release, “Lately in Another Time.”

Much like other work from Loving, “Lately in Another Time” focuses on such themes as preoccupation, indecisiveness, and existentialism all while painting a colorful picture of these insecurities with their warm, dreamy tickling of guitars and the distinctive vocals that place you right there with them in British Columbia, hiding from the unforgiving downpour of rain with a steaming hot cuppa’ chamomile. 

These four singles are expected to land on Loving’s first long-play album titled, If I Am Only My Thoughts, due to hit streaming platforms and record stores alike on January 31, 2020, which will be released through their label, Lang Gang Records.

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