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Artist Spotlight: London duo Goodnight Goodbye are unrestrained by genres or sonic borders

For London-based newcomers Goodnight Goodbye, equanimity is essential to curating beautiful sounds. Little is known about the progressive indie-pop duo, which was formed in 2019 by brothers Joe and Sam Woollard. Their Spotify bio says “They recall a time where pop music was at its most honest and positive. Classic themes run throughout their music, writing about their most personal vulnerable moments and reflections on the current social climate. Something to carry you through the best and worst times.” On that note, my interest was piqued.

They shared their 6-track EP On Your Knees in mid-December which featured the single “All For It,” that was originally released a month prior. The EP is a smooth, silky sonic voyage through unexplored territories of indie/lo-fi pop. Yet beyond obligatory genre mentions, we have a brief-yet-alluring body of work that invites you into the pair’s beauteous world. Intoxicating and otherworldly, it’s worth being here for this moment.

One of On Your Knees' standout track to pay attention to would easily be “Happen;” which I’d best describe as minimalistic Passion Pit. The mellow vocals, while glittery, are delivered in a high register. The drum work for “Happen” is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, as the band pulls from 70s and 80s soft rock. The guitar and synths blend together like poetry in motion – wistful to the naked eye, but with a deeper warmth that surveys the underneath pristine surface. “Happen” is comforting and meditative as Goodnight Goodbye arouses deep feelings of yesteryear, but simultaneously remind us that our sights should be set on the present—the only thing that’s actually real in the spectrum of time.

While speaking to Joe Woollard over Twitter, he told me, “‘Happen’ is an introspective look into the anxieties of the creative soul. We relate to the struggles of making your art relevant in today’s over saturated market. But also we want to redefine the meaning of success, and that is ultimately discovered in the song.” He went on to say, “If you create just for yourself, that’s when you’ll find happiness. That’s what we discovered during writing this EP. Self-empowerment is an important tool for creatives and we often like to breath this through our songs.”

I’m one to shy away from such statements, but Goodnight Goodbye is the epitome of an artist to watch out for in 2020. Their 6-track introduction to the world glimmers on existential introspection and starry-eyed optimism—and frankly, most of us could use this as guide to the next checkpoint and much-needed victory in our own individual lives.

Connect with Goodnight Goodbye: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 

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