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Follow Belis through ups and downs on "TOMATO SOUP"

A rapper like no other, Belis has secured her rank in the underground hip-hop scene with a year of wildly successful singles, compelling live performances, and interminable work ethic. She racked up roughly 4 million streams in 2019 alone with less than a dozen releases. Ending her strongest year yet with her short tape “SAY WHY U LUV ME 2,” the third and final track “TOMATO SOUP” flaunts Belis’s signature confidence.

Carefully selecting a beat to allow her voice to stand out, Belis crafts her verses so nimbly around her instrumental that the kicks and her exhales align to create such a catchy but discrete rhythm. It’s nearly impossible to sit still while listening to the track, with the angelic harmonies cut by her breathy, potent bars atop kassgocrazy’s specialized beat, the movement is nearly tangible. “TOMATO SOUP” follows the lyrical themes of many of her songs this year, and without blame as her rise to fame is inspirationally quick and worthy of speaking to. The track name itself comes from one of Belis’s favorite recording engineers, notedly allowing her to have tomato soup in the studio all while ensuring she’s able to manifest her artistic vision.

Member of neilaworld, Belis is backed with insanely talented peers ready to take over the next generation of hip hop. Remarkable mainstream credits aside, like Belis the collective is rapidly rising and continually impressing in the underground scene. With her connections and studio support she’s receiving from her relocation to Los Angeles, there’s absolutely no stopping the rapper who already shown the determination and skill to accomplish it all on her own.

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