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Asha Gold is "Too Good" to let doubt slow her creativity

No matter their success, anyone in any creative field has undoubtedly heard something along the lines of, "Why don't you get a 'proper job?'" at some point. Of course, despite normally being met with an eye roll and a mild knock to their confidence, it's not something that anyone wants to hear. West London's Asha Gold was at the turning point of her adolescence when she decided to take the condescending comments in her stride in view of going all-in with her music, writing "Too Good" regarding the process.

The first in her family to pursue creative endeavours, it's no surprise she had her doubts, stating that "... deep down I knew I wanted to pursue music, it was impossible to trust myself because it felt like no one was trusting me". Gold uses that doubt as fuel for the vibe-laden "Too Good", with lyrics that read like a journal and dance across a salubrious mix of contemporary R&B and sugary pop. A promising release from an artist setting off on a no doubt long career - "Too Good" is available now via frtyfve.

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Electro Pop · R&B


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