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Squired and Slowpalace go the "Distance" on latest single

Trends in electronic dance music come and go. With each wave, once it meets the mainstream, the power of genre tends to weaken somewhat, leaving space for fresher sounds to prosper in an ever-evolving scene. Dubstep (or brostep, if you're a purist) left a space in bass drop culture, that future bass stepped into. Sadly, future bass sounds were poorly appropriated by pop artists, and as a result, the overwhelming power of genre is starting to wane.

With each passing change, legions of die-hard fans champion the sound, heralding producers and DJs in the same manner as they always have. New York's Squired and L.A.'s Slowpalace have recently connected on "Distance", inspired by the likes of Rustie and Hudson Mohawke who are widely regarding as the some of the founding fathers of the fresh and colourful sound.

"When first creating Distance, my goal was to make something that sounded nostalgic but very raw and in your face," states Slowpalace. "Squired killed it on this track. We shared the same vision for this song so collaborating with him was very natural."

This vision was executed with remarkable finesse. The introduction, whilst calm and crisp, implies a sense of urgency on what's to come. A huge expansive palette of colours explode, leaving us with no option than to move with the rhythm. The pace then slows, only for the bridge to tide you over to the second iteration of the drop that can only be described future bass euphoric anthemia. A truly standout collaboration.

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