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Christian Löffler embarks on a mission through "Versailles," new album and video

German multidisciplinary producer and performer Christian Löffler has announced his fourth studio album Lys and alongside the news he's released a first-single in the way of "Versailles (Hold)".  Accompanying the single, an equally emotive video paints the visual picture that the song plays its melancholy melody to.

"Versailles (Hold)" continues to enhance Löffler’s artistic expression, marking the first release featuring his own vocals as a central focus of a track. Beginning with his yearning vocal layered atop a metronomic beat, the track progresses with a cascading melody, building to an echoing chorus. He deftly constructs sonic landscapes filled with both somber lows and euphoric highs, creating an atmosphere of tranquility through melancholic, yet uplifting instrumentals.


Fans are now kept in suspense as to what next is to come off the pending fourth LP - due for release in-full in March of 2020. In addition to his musical prowess Christian Löffler is also a talented visual artist. The entire Lys album will be accompanied by paintings created by Löffler himself to further their subsequent stories.

Tying the year off with a beautiful piece of music, stay tuned to Christian Löffler's socials below to stay in the know of what's to come from the producer and his impending album. 

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