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Palestinian producer +970 drops a techno dark and twisted "Red Light" EP

Hailing from Ramallah, Palestine, producer and DJ +970 has released a techno/ambient dark and twisted Red Light EP. The 4-track EP is fused with melodic and captivating sounds, destined to draw us in with unique and thought-provoking production. 

The first track "Intro" delves right into it, making you feel like you've entered another world. Whilst we continue the journey into "Confusion" a bit more bouncy with experimental sounds, fusing elements of darkness and death. Finishing off with "Suspicious" and "Miliana," two tunes that trap you into a trance of mindless ecstasy. 

Bringing Palestine to the forefront, +970 uses the his story and background to transform sounds and music into a plethora of textures. He is currently working on building his own label “3atmeh” to gather Palestinian artists for exactly this sound.

Connect with +970: Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud


Electro · Techno


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