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Luke Summers' debut is "More Than Enough"

The debut track: it can be a scary thought for an artist, the first foray into the wide musical world, using a mere single song to display their entire creative character. Orlando native Luke Summers takes hold of that feeling and uses it as fuel, and to great avail. It's clear that Summers' bread and butter is R&B, but there's a tender, and timeless sense of nostalgia pulled from his love for soul music that comes with it, working in perfect harmony together against the gimmicky, throwaway music that's sadly oversaturating the industry.

Citing inspiration from modern icons D’Angelo, André 3000 and Frank Ocean, their presence whilst clear in the music, doesn't come close to the palpable sonic identity plied by Summers. On "More Than Enough," layers of pristine, out-of-place-in-time R&B gently lap at your ears, softly sweeping you away into a pensive moment, with the almost indie-pop drums keep you grounded.

Speaking with us via email Summers states that "the concept of the song came to me while vibing to the instrumental, being so in love that you’re willing to hurt, sacrifice, & whatever else if it means at the end of the day you’ll have that persons love to keep you going, that’s all you need. It’s more than enough." A touching and relatable sentiment indeed, expect more greatness from Summers in the near future.

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