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Tyson Kraft stuns on "Before You Sleep"

Love, we all know it is one of the most powerful emotions, it's part of what makes life worth living and can drive us to do great things. In the case of Australian producer and artist Tyson Kraft, it drives him to create syrupy sweet R&B-themed electro-pop, and a great thing it is.

Teasing his forthcoming debut album, Kraft shares "Before You Sleep", a heartwarmingly romantic track from the getgo, with the element of genius coming into play with him completely side-stepping the sickly sweet side of love songs in view of crafting something wildly relatable. The song addresses that blood pumping haze that comes with the process of naturally falling for someone, inspired his own story, and brought into a touching balance by the almost melancholic chord progression.

Speak with us via email, Kraft provides an intimate insight into the emotional motivation behind the song "You know that feeling when you're really into someone, and you’re alone at night thinking, wow I wish I could be next to that person right now. Holding them and appreciating every waking moment that you’ve spent with them. That was basically the feeling I wanted to capture in this song". He has indeed captured that lightning in a bottle, expect big things from Kraft in 2020, including the aforementioned debut album.

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