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Rico Puestel puts on a public 'Exhibition 2: SOLLING I'

After his Equity release on Cocoon Recordings, Rico Puestel returns to his Exhibition imprint with three alluring techno cuts entitled Exhibition 2: SOLLING I. Progressively-driven, meticulously curated, the EP is the beginning of the SOLLING series (a series within another series), conceptually fulfilling the "triad of A" throughout the canvas of this record: acid, analogicity and anachronisms.

After recently telling a vast and mesmerizing tale on Adana Twins' TAU label, the producer now immerses himself into defining habitat roots with the long-planned first soundtrack chapter of SOLLING: A central German uplands area in Lower Saxony, spreading into the North of Hesse, shaped by mixed forests, its rural imprinting, a wide range of regionally varying cultural idiosyncrasies, and a century-extending history, including the shattering throughout the welters of the Thirty Years' War. Being the first of several planned chapters, pre-production mostly takes place there while the music is traversed by sound recorded in the area, leading to an existence irreversibly connected to its birthplace.

The impetuous opener "Tilly" culminates in one retro-futuristic affair, building into an overwhelming storm of percussion tapestry and sophisticated layerings of acid. "Clava" follows up by taking the initial impetus to an even further level of acidic flair, overriding itself with an unpredictable melody amidst the foundations of a high-density groove. Finally, Puestel rounds off the EP with "Pro Foreste Sulgo"— a groundbreaking composition that fully juxtaposes the long-time struggles of dark and light with contrasting melodic themes circling around each other.


Connect with Rico Puestel: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Acid · Progressive · Techno


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