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TOKiMONSTA delivers dazzling sounds and visuals for new single "Love That Never"

Many artists find inspiration in love, but few can follow through on it like TOKiMONSTA. After a huge year that included numerous releases, global performances and a GRAMMY nomination, the Los Angeles producer is back with the new single “Love That Never,” a personal ode to intangible love and a preview of new music in 2020. The gorgeously deep track also features a stunning animation from the Sydney studio Babekühl.

Leaning into the multifaceted nature of love and its diverse meanings for every individual, TOKiMONSTA delivers a track with fittingly poignant soundscapes and melodies that climax with powerfully bombastic hooks that could only exist within her unique sonic universe. There is a sense of melancholy present throughout the track, highlighting the potentially overwhelming, multilayered manifestations of love in every day life. The use of subtly thoughtful emotions is depicted with gentle, pleasing musical aesthetics and an appropriately breathtaking animation. “Love That Never” is an undeniably impressive release from TOKiMONSTA and an exhilarating sign of new material on the horizon.

"Love That Never" is available to download or stream here.

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