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Kwaku Asante makes remarkable debut with "honeycomb" EP

Kwaku Asante is quickly carving a clear and much-deserved place within the music industry. After releasing two tantalizing preview singles, “Molasses” and “Primrose,” the north-west London resident has released his debut EP, honeycomb. Asante showcased his captivating, buttery vocal skills on his previous single releases, but his exquisite sound comes to full fruition over the EP’s six tracks with a level of musicianship and style that sound as if they belong to a veteran artist decades into their career.

honeycomb is a microcosm for life and romance as each song finds Asante exploring various formative experiences that have contributed to his identity and the way he approaches love and adversity. Along with the striking, accessible lyrical content, the EP also features consistent musical traits like sultry, soulful vocal delivery, impeccable, glistening production with subtle funk flavors and an impressively refined overall sonic aesthetic.

While it would be difficult to find weak links in the four previously unreleased tracks on the EP, “Smoke & Mirrors” is an undeniable highlight. The patient beat with an inescapable throbbing feel provides just the right blend of smoothness and edge for Asante’s lyrics about questionable, substance-fueled romantic pursuits. The song breaks expectations of typical soul music with wiggly bass lines, almost spoken word hooks, and wondrous horn parts that include a captivatingly expressive saxophone solo. The track closes with a separated, flowing outro that punctuates the song and solidifies its place as a centerpiece of the EP.

Expert musicianship, striking melodies, and tasteful, original writing permeate honeycomb, providing further proof that Kwaku Asante has massive potential and an unquestionably bright future.

honeycomb is available to stream or download here.

Connect with Kwaku Asante: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify

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