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Phoebe Ryan's "ICIMY" is an evocative ode to the glorious sad pop song [Video]

Phoebe Ryan, the indelible singer-songwriter from New Jersey, has come a long way since her early days of penning pop anthems for other artists. With her full-fledged debut album finally scheduled for release in 2020, she takes back control of her highly sought-after words as an independent artist, telling her story her way. The third and last track of the year to be released before then "ICIMY"— is a glittering pop gem founded on thundering hooks and delicate lyrics. 

Much like the visuals, the track (which stands for "in case I miss you) envelops you in a full-body cocoon of cutting emotions and vivid memories. As Ryan bitingly sings "What do I do when my train is off-track | Get it through my head, you're not gonna come back", we're starkly reminded of our own heartbreaking pasts, reliving the dark thoughts and bargaining pleas we've made in the wake of a loved one walking away. 

Though the lyrics are outfitted for a melancholy song, the composition is anything but. Inspired by an unlikely influence — Sufjan Steven's Age of Adz album— it explores the art of creating a soundscape that is both booming and soft at the same time. The urgent guitar that courses through the track like an invisible guardian maintains a midtempo beat that feels equal parts anxious and healing. As the roaring synths swoop in and carry Ryan's voice across the rousing chorus, we are left feeling cathartic at the honest and poignant release of the inevitable question we've all asked ourselves before: "What am I supposed to do?" And all throughout, the crunchy drums remind us that our hearts are still beating and that despite any failed relationships we are left to mourn- there will always be a smashing pop song to get us through it all. 

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