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CLUB 97 is better off "Alone" on new single

R&B singer CLUB 97 just released an upbeat new track, "Alone" that plays to his strengths. Over an instrumental from Nellz, Di$, and Kxhris, CLUB sings about a relationship he had and his reasons for leaving. The Rancho Cucamonga native's vocals are smooth and emotional but have no trouble keeping up with the fast beat filled with reliably quick high hats. The chorus is a catchy, ascending melody about the relationship's ending, where the verses elaborate on the causes of trouble in the relationship. On "Alone," the singer/songwriter isn't willing to endure any more of the relationship's pain, and has a persistence in leaving. His voice is that of a smooth R&B singer, but he carries melodies that venture into a pop realm at times and disregard genre at others. Press play on the newest offering from the rising singer up above. 

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