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Serine Karthage finds her inner voice on “Rhonda” [Video]

Before we reach the end of the century, Northwest London trailblazer Serine Karthage is back with the video for “Rhonda”, an upbeat anthem that captures Serine's ethos in life as a fighter, survivor, and rider. The eclectic joint is laced with tropical-sounding guitar arrangements and catchy snares, demonstrating Serine’s skills as a producer, singer, songwriter, and rapper, and solidifying that she is, in fact, here to stay. 

"Rhonda" is about an encounter Serine had that made her question the way she views the world, and moreover, herself.  The encounter, Serine sings, acted as a catalyst for channelling positivity. It helped her discover reassurance in her own inner voice during a time where she struggled to see the light. The epiphany arose three years ago during a period of homelessness, “Rhonda was about finding my inner voice...it was dedicated to fighting against people who would bring me to my demise during a time of vulnerability,” Serine shares with EARMILK over email.

Cast against a digital, game-like backdrop, “Rhonda”’s groovy rhythm brings an undying sense of optimism. It speaks on Serine’s incredible bounce-back game and her gratitude for the highs and lows alike. 

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