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HĒIR finds her pathway in super-charged single "My Love"

It does not take much effort for Russian-Italian singer/songwriter Patricia Manfield to capture the audience’s attention: the artist, better known as HĒIR, oozes confidence, sensuality, and talent all evident in the music video for her single “My Love.” The single, as uncomplicated as it is, has a lot of substance with HĒIR’s passionate-cool vocals leading the way, flowing between reliable guitar string plucks that continue past the bass guitar’s mind-branding entrance. The video, for its part, is a killer complement to the song’s super-charged emotion that begs for release.

Listeners will find HĒIR’s style different from the current crop of alt-pop stars: the music has a sense of maturity to it and also an exotic glaze that is all attributed to the singer’s embracing of her Russian and Italian heritage. Wherever the listener’s emotional path of least resistance is, that is where HĒIR’s music will blast through. There is fierce energy to both the song and video that is quite easily felt.

HĒIR said in a press release that she wanted the video accompaniment to be “as simple as the song,” and it is simple, but that is the appeal: the way the video begins, so bare, has the same infinity as a white canvas. By the time the tune reaches its climax, the song’s emotional panels are revealed, and listeners find both familiarity and comfort in the angst. HĒIR is a prime example of an artist challenging herself, without fear and free of compromise, a troubadour that certainly bares her soul—amen to that.

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