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Cecilia Gault's "In Front of My Eyes" fuses dance, pop and lyrical rawness

Raised in New York City, and of Irish and Japanese descent, 20-year old Cecilia Gault's identity is a significant drive for her music and artistry. It's her goal to fill the void of Asian culture in mainstream pop. Cecilia's last single "Lunatic" has cultivated over 69K steams. Moreover, she also co-wrote and is featured on Kaskade's single "Love Me Like You Used To" released earlier this year. That single has reached over 4 million streams on Spotify alone. 

"In Front of My Eyes" is a song that has this exciting build as we hear Cecilia's vulnerable reflections and honest recount of a past relationship. The dance-infused production is colourful in its feel, and rich and rounded in its instrumentation. 

Cecilia seems to have a storytelling approach to her music. As a result she doesn't shy away from being as honest and as raw as possible. Cecilia balances the dancey and upbeat production of the track with such realness. She looks back at a relationship, surrendering to romantic advances and feelings. 

The artwork to "In Front of My Eyes" is distinct as it is breathtaking, and adds such an allure to the track. Shot through what seems like clear glass, the visual has a dreamy feel with a striking, bold pose from Cecilia. As if to capture the mesh of feelings (through the glass) and the strength of vulnerability through Cecilia herself. 

This is the 3rd single from Cecilia's solo career.  With such an eccentric style and approach to music, one can only expect bigger and more things to come from the enchanting artist. 

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