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Alice Auer comes into her own on "Shadow"

Watch out for Alice Auer. After making a splash in 2017 with her debut EP Close To You, the London vocalist’s sound has evolved and stretched into new directions, resulting in a gorgeous new single entitled “Shadow.” Auer shows off her silky vocal skills on the track, which was co-written with Sam Wills, who also provides an earthy production that will keep audiences swaying along. 

With a nod toward jazz and R&B sensibilities, the foundation of “Shadow” is built from some warm piano chords that traverse subtly sophisticated harmonic terrain ⁠—with understated drums, bass, and keys parts filling out the arrangement in support of Auer’s personal lyrics. Through an airy delivery, she ponders her need to distance herself from a partner who hasn’t lived up to expectations. With unique and intriguing harmonies, catchy melodies, and tasteful emotional variance, the track provides a fitting soundtrack to the complex emotions of Auer’s subject. While other artists have dealt with similar topics and styles, Alice Auer’s writing and performance on “Shadow” prove that she lives in her own original lane with immense talent to back it up. She’s headed to the next level.  

Connect with Alice Auer: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud | Website

Feature · Jazz · Neo-Soul · R&B


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