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MishCatt sees love in a splash of colour on "Blue Blood" [Video]

Along with its entertainment value and range of messages, music, at its core, is simply meant to make us feel. Like a spectrum of colour, it can evoke emotions of dark hues or pastel splashes. Costa Rica native Michelle González is an artist, a traveller, and a synaesthetic. Seeing sound with actual colours, she creates singular soundscapes that move freely with unbound emotion under her alter ego MishCatt. Premiering the newest visuals for her "Blue Blood" single, she entwines her two worlds in perfect harmony of sound and deep, rich colour. 

A song about a past summer love, it unveils incredible dimension with percussive layers draped in wistful synths. Yet, the tempo doesn't wane, doesn't give in to its frayed lyrics; it echoes González' sultry vocals, giving them a sweet and almost hopeful tinge. "This song is about the melancholic memory of a summer romance," she explains. "It’s idealistic but there’s something sad about it, almost a dreamy feel that makes you wonder if it ever happened." This feeling is imitated in the video with vivid purple and blue textures, and an overall state of confusion, yet it is comforting in the chaos of it all. It's an experience that makes us listen, see, and above all—feel

MishCatt's upcoming sophomore EP, The Real Pavo, is scheduled for release in 2020

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