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Indie-pop outfit Saint Blonde show off buoyant new single “Americana” [Video]

Denton, Texas-based quartet Saint Blonde returns with their indie-pop effort, “Americana.” The fresh endeavor follows the infectious single “Love Me Instead” released this past summer. The single is accompanied by a music video where we see the band performing in an empty fast-food restaurant. 

“Americana” occupies breezy arrangements while reeling in catchy guitar licks and pop laden productions. The vibrancy has a lasting effect here with the band shifting through a laidback, welcoming composition. “The track ('Americana’) is a song about how we all want to be seen, and how that contrasts with who we really are. Because we can tailor every detail of how others see our lives, we all only show the best bits of them and compare them to the snapshots of other people’s curated version of life," says the band from a press release.

While the song is clearly cheerful, there’s still a melancholic layer resting just underneath the sweet, saccharine melodies. Narratively, the song navigates personal identity and the formulated perceptions devised by those who think they know you based off on the surface observations. They went onto reveal more by noting, "'Americana' is about how society as a whole seems to place more emphasis on the "what" "when" and "where" of people's lives, and less about the "who". Everything is fake and painted over with a nice fine glossy filter.”

“Americana” is their second single of 2019 and sixth overall since forming in 2018. This band is comprised of longtime friends Hunter Fitch (vocals/synthesizers), Trè Rollins (guitar/vocals/synthesizers), Tyler Cooper (drums), and Alex Hernandez (lead guitar).

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