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MEI confronts darkness on "No Dim Lights"

MEI is here to remind us that there is strength in vulnerability. The South London artist is back with No Dim Lights, a new double A-side release that is the second installment in her Antonio Vivaldi-inspired trio of seasonal projects. With production and writing contributions from Joy Anonymous and Danio Forni Jr. of Husky Loops, the two songs “I’m Certain” and “DIM: Don’t Ignore Me” find MEI exploring the implications of the longer, darker nights of Autumn and the need to push back and reclaim one’s vitality amid the malaise of the season.

MEI has built a reputation of producing songs with emotionally honest and often empowering themes and with No Dim Lights the bassist and vocalist cleverly uses the season as a metaphor for broader struggles in our lives. “As a black woman trying to be successful in the music industry, I often feel a bit invisible and it feels like it can take an even longer time for your talent to be acknowledged, which I think many can relate to in many industries. And so the fight is to not give up, even on my gloomy days my light still shines and nothing can dim it,” she states about the new project.

Musically, No Dim Lights represents a new incarnation of MEI’s fascinating musical development as she continues to craft a unique artistic voice and production aesthetic. “I’m Certain” features an engrossing beat and sweeping harmonies as she sings about finding security in her purpose with characteristically catchy vocals. Her bass skills come to the forefront on “DIM: Don’t Ignore Me” with a prominent place in the track’s pulsing production that delves into electronic territory.

Each new release from MEI shows that she is an artist in a constant state of exploration and growth. No Dim Lights is another exciting entry into a catalogue that will undoubtedly continue to impress in the future.

No Dim Lights is available to stream or download here.

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Alternative R&B · Electronic · U.K.


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