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WENS reflects upon her life amidst the "Rich & Famous"

Alt-pop singer-songwriter WENS is an artist who thrives on her differences rather than her counterpart comparisons. Hailing from a uniform Southern California beach town, she's constantly faced the question of diversity and her place within it⁠— a question she's not shy to explore in her music, as distinctly noted in her newest pondering single, "Rich & Famous". 

"I grew up in a bubble," she recalls. "A beautifully tragic beach town filled with cars more expensive than my parents' yearly salary, limitless credit cards, moms with plastic surgery, and slightly broken families with privilege beyond anything I could understand. Obviously, I was lucky to be able to grow up in such a nice community, but I struggled with always feeling like I missed the mark." As a Persian growing up in a replica of Robin Leach's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, she's had to come to terms with a lot of discoveries about herself, and the people around her. "Cuz we live in a paper town full of fake things" she muses over a placid melody bolstered by a booming bass and juxtaposed sound effects. As she leads up to the hook, the supporting elements respectfully dissipate, paving the way for her tender vocal inflections. A powerful message sang through a patient song, "Rich & Famous" solidifies WENS' status as not only an artist but as an introspective woman who dares to walk on the wrong side of the road. 

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