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Port Juvee delivers a winner on "Hope to Lose" [Video]

Despite what their band name might imply, Port Juvee comes from the landlocked city of Calgary. Yet their sound breaks boundaries, incorporating NYC post-punk and surfy California skate-punk. They bring frantic and tenacious energy with droning guitars and gritty lyrics. Take a look at their new video "Hope to Lose," the first cut from their upcoming LP MOTION CONTROL out February 28th on Garment District Records.

"Hope to Lose" expresses the ominous haze that surrounds our society's vision of success. The lashing guitars and howling vocals illustrate a generation that continues to harbor feelings of apathy and desperation at the same time. 

The band also tackles ideas of obsolescence and how technology has changed our methods of communication. Shot on an old HVX camera, the grainy images cut with old stock photos of outdated machinery paint a disconcerting picture of how we look back on our supposed progress.

As the track reaches a fever pitch the lyrics drone, "The dream is gone, the dream is gone."

Like any good post-punk or skate-punk band, Port Juvee proves that their anthems actually mean something. Their message resonates loud in clear in 2019 when the future doesn't look so bright and the dream doesn't seem so clear. 

"Hope to Lose" is the first single from Port Juvee's upcoming record MOTION CONTROL out February 28th, 2020 on Garment District Records. If you're in New York, catch them at New Colossus Fest in March 2020.

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