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Lauran Hibberd stays dry in the face of everyone else's "Sweat Patch"

When Isle of Wight slacker pop darling Lauran Hibberd released her debut EP earlier this fall, we were content to let her back out in the world, so she may find more perfectly relatable witty stories for her next great release. What we didn't expect is for it to come so soon. You'll never find me complaining about a Hibberd release, though, and her newest single "Sweat Patch" is most certainly a notable listen. 

Tapping into her rock persona, Hibberd teases with a controlled guitar pace and cushioning drums. Delivering her charming lyrical punches in that signature conversational manner, she reveals a not-so-subtle metaphor and a killer chorus. "'Sweat Patch' is arguably a song about drugs, but it's not like I'm trying to be cool about it," she confesses. "I'm pretty much frigid with anything unprescribed. But because of that, this song is based on my idea of that world... And I guess this song stemmed from me being into this guy, but he was pretty much into other things more."

A little dirtier than her previous releases, "Sweat Patch" uncovers Hibberd's defiant range, unwilling to conform to anything other than her own standards. It's a welcome, albeit short, return as she continues on her US/UK tour supporting The Regrettes this fall. 

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