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Andria Piperni's "Yours" is a dazzling declaration of love

Andria Piperni delivers a heartwarming and mesmerizing performance about being hopelessly in love with new single "Yours". The angelic voiced singer dives deep in her emotions and lays her personal experiences on wax. Over an engulfing dreamy backdrop provided by Jacob Liutkus, she details the day she met the man who took her breath away at first sight. Piece by piece she laces her swirling emotions through the dazzling instrumentals to capture the magical moment where she feels equally helpless and powerful under the influence of profound love.

The self-written song once again shows how the Montreal based singer-songwriter blends a healthy mix of neo-soul, R&B, and jazz to create a sound that feels both fresh and familiar."Yours" will surely resonate with fellow hopeless romantics. Get it on Soundcloud as well.

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