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TRAKGIRL features in DAWN’s latest masterpiece, “Slim Thicc”

TRAKGIRL is like a potter, moulding her beats until she creates a masterpiece. On DAWN’s new track, she lays Caribbean themed beats that individuals can whine and dance to. Her impact on “Slim Thicc” acts as the foundation of the singer’s smooth rhythm. One of the best parts of this song is the change in tempo that can be heard midway. Since the producer is into a lot of R&B, it’s only right that the beat switch gives Dawn Richard a chance to give listeners a R&B vibe. The single is part of a series of other singles that will be released in the run up to DAWN’s upcoming project due for release in 2020.

TRAKGIRL is a music producer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She broke into the music scene during her sophomore year in college, when she produced “Ode to Tae”, a track on Omarion’s EP, Care Package. Since then, she has produced for other artists like Luke James, King Chip, Belly, and Jhene Aiko. Other than her outstanding productions, she continues to promote self-awareness and women empowerment in the music industry.

Connect with TRAKGIRL: Twitter | Instagram

Connect with DAWN: Twitter | Instagram



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