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Trinidad James releases visuals for “Ugly”

In the Mike Marasco directed video for “Ugly”, Trinidad James puts a twist on cinematic horror traditions. The scenes move from him haunting a woman in the delivery room to his performance as a deformed Frankenstein behind bars. What accentuates the effect of the scary visuals are the ugly costumes, Trinidad’s performance and the black and white images. The song can be compared to Buddy’s “Black” except in this case, James celebrates ugliness.

Giving some insight to “Ugly”, the Atlanta-based artist says, “I’ve been through a lot - an ugly path indeed. But when I look back, the things I got clowned for are the things that made me successful. I don’t ever want to be ashamed of that again. Sonically, “Ugly” is one of the hardest beats coming out of 2019. I bet the house on that.”

Multiplatinum Trinidad-born and Atlanta-based artist Trinidad James makes his presence known in music and beyond. He stands out as a songwriter whose discography includes music for the likes of Will Smith and Bad Bunny. Also, he is an entrepreneur and owns his own record label, Gold Gang Records. 

Connect with Trinidad James: Twitter | Instagram


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