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Stella Talpo finds power through surrender on "Hold That Thought"

Vocalist Stella Talpo is back with a new sound, evidenced by the single “Hold That Thought” out now on Deep Matter. After splashing on the scene with singles “314” and “Easy,” the Italian South Londoner wanted to take her music in a new direction with help from producer KINDER. The newfound electronic and experimental elements in “Hide That Thought” allow Talpo to communicate a raw honesty with her soulful delivery and introspective lyrics.

KINDER’s production offers a fitting blend of simplicity in the drums and impactful synths in the hooks to go along with Talpo’s lyrics that grapple with humanity’s varying definitions of innocence and morality. In the stripped-down verses she delivers a pure sense of vulnerability before releasing a subtle tension in the powerful hooks where she writes, “I don’t have an answer right now / hold that thought until tomorrow / I forgot freedom was borrowed / one more day and I’ll be all yours.” It’s a powerful message of inner peace that pairs beautifully with Talpo’s soulful vocal delivery and tastefully expressive production from KINDER.

"Hold That Thought" is available to download or stream here.

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Electronic · Pop · R&B


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