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Maria Kelly softly returns with the confessional "i leave early" [Premiere]

Maria Kelly has made her way back to Ireland, marking her return is the newest single, "i leave early", a cleansing confessional that once again reminds us of what we've been missing in her absence. 

In true Kelly fashion, her move back to Dublin from Berlin isn't heralded by triumphant trumpets or loud announcements. It is quiet, found amidst soft conversations and slow strummed guitar chords. It is felt in the weight of her words, the delicacy with which she restrains her vocals, careful not to distract from the meaning behind them. "'i leave early' is the first of a series of songs about avoidance," she shares. "I've touched on social anxiety before but this one is about one party in particular. I really wanted to leave but so desperately wanted to be included at the same time. I had so many distorted thoughts during that period and I made many excuses of why I would be better off if I just left."

From one inner dialogue to another, "i leave early" is a cathartic piece that takes the burden of the heavy conversation, leaving you with the strength to take on the world with one less criticism on your mind, and one more beautiful song to heal it. 

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