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Daytona Starsky views thing differently on "Better Views, Views Better".

Brooklyn by-way-of-Netherlands artist Daytona Starsky is back on his edgy, eclectic vibe. He recently dropped a new track titled "Better Views, Views Better." 

The record is a far cry from the contemporary electronic sounds he served on his debut EP MOON, which dropped in July. On this new effort, Starsky goes with more of a live sound, full of lush instrumentation and psychedelic rock vibes to highlight the trippy melodic flow. This new sound is more stage-ready. It's retro in style, sure, but has a modern edge courtesy of Starsky’s ingenious writing. His lyrics are both direct and open for interpretation, which makes unpacking his vocals all the more interesting—and borderline addictive! 

Give the track a spin through your preferred digital retailer or stream it via Super Fine Audio here.

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Alternative Rock · Indie


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