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Nasty Cherry announce forthcoming debut EP by releasing "Music With Your Dad"

 Nasty Cherry return with yet another hot single, and a long-awaited debut EP announcement. Their ability to not disappoint with an unabashedly rebellious humour and sleek style, the glam-pop girl band phenomenon is what has made the anticipation build for the all-girl group. 

"Music With Your Dad", their latest single, is a subtle satire showing off its blunt dance moves. Setting itself up as a one-sided conversation posing excuses for spending time with- you guessed it- someone else's dad, the track is surprisingly buoyant. You quickly forget about the shocking lyrics and get lost in the tight bass lines and rhythmic claps. 

It wouldn't be a true Nasty Cherry song without an element of seduction. As lead singer Gabbriette Bechtel drips with anticipation ("Oh baby baby / I want to make music with him forever and forever"), the supporting melody slowly builds up only to rupture in a climactic electric guitar riff. It's the kind of song that only a powerful, self-aware/don't care group can pull off, and if these four women have proven anything to us in the past year, it's that they fit the bill. And they can just as easily outgrow it and move on to something else- and we'll still love it. 

Nasty Cherry's debut EP is scheduled to drop this November

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