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talker delivers an explosive vocal performance in new indie-rock track "Keep Me Safe" [Video]

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Celeste Tauchar, a.k.a talker, delivers a passionate and dynamic vocal performance in her latest indie-rock single "Keep Me Safe."

A masterful tension slowly builds behind the evocative lyricism of "Keep Me Safe" that erupts in an explosive and cathartic climax. The confessional style lyrics like "I just want you to be happy but I don't know where that leaves me" hit an all too familiar place for anyone who has experienced similar emotions with past or current relationships. "There is still redemption in owning up to your feelings," explains Taucher. "It's about getting them out in the first place, and then trusting how you feel regardless of how hard that may be." The progression of "Keep Me Safe" in both the melodic guitar strumming and the full display of Taucher's dynamic vocal range perfectly portrays what it's like navigating feelings of doubts and self-worth. The video, directed by Jake Goble and Krizia Vega, captures that hard-fought therapeutic resolve with oneself. Overall, the track is self-reflective and brutally honest, which is why we're truly excited to see what's next from Taucher's solo project.

Previously, Taucher was a band member alongside electro-pop duo FRENSHIP (Columbia Records) but has since taken to the front stage to explore her own solo project under the indie-rock moniker talker - having released a debut EP, Horror Films back in February 2019.

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