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Heavy Lungs prove their outrageous punk abilities on the brutal "Measure" EP

The Bristol music scene continues to boast an array of diverse acts. The glorious IDLES are the front runners at the moment, but the heavy punksters preparing to take the top spot is none other than Danny Nedelko-fronted Heavy Lungs. Armed with five incredible raw and riotous tracks, Heavy Lungs share their latest musical offering - the raucous Measure EP released via Balley Records.

The adrenaline racing, heart pumping "Half Full" kicks the EP into gear (we're talking fifth gear here, this is not a 30mph zone), and sets the pace for the entire EP. Continuing to build momentum, the punchy "Self-Worth" provides even more chaos. With  vocals reminiscent of the Sex Pistols and jarring guitar lines to match, the track is a complete riot. Whilst lead single "(A Bit Of A) Birthday" provides further insanity with it's fuzzy addictive guitars. It's the humourous lyrics like "Forget the card, just give me the money" that prove that the band can provide a laugh within their psychotic melodies.

"Measure centres around the undeniable importance of self-worth. From inner observation of myself and of the people around me over the course of the past year, I've noticed that it can sometimes very much be neglected," explains Danny Nedelko. "The purpose of this EP is to hopefully remind us to value ourselves and grow more comfortable in our skin - to believe in ourselves. Our own inner strength and capabilities are vastly superior to our own perception of them."

Measure is an EP with a ferocity that some punk artists seem to lack right now. Providing heavy, full-force punk, Heavy Lungs are a momentous band. Already performing at some of the biggest festivals in the UK including Glastonbury and Truck Festival, this is a band who will once day be headlining these festivals. With vivacity and infectious bass lines, Heavy Lungs are key players in 2019's punk scene. 

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