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Gardna is here for a "Good Time Not A Long Time"

UK lyricist and MC Gardna returns with the mighty single "Good Time Not A Long Time", ahead of the release of his debut album of the same name. 

Blurring genres and mixing reggae, dub, grime and hip-hop, Gardna's inherent ability to defy the traditional classifications of genre is inspiring. A real one to watch on the reggae scene, the whimsical lyricist offers a fresh, modern twist on classic reggae rhythms, intertwining an underlining bassline amongst the melody which is incredibly infectious.

Gardna's forthcoming album Good Time Not A Long Time features some of the very best reggae/soul artists including the likes of Hollie Cook, Kiko Bun, and Eva Lazarus. Promising to showcase the MC's talent, the debut album offers an intricate weave of sleek rhythms and warming beats.

Of the album, Gardna explains: "Good Time Not A Long Time is a summary of my personal experiences within music. Be that good times, long times or anything in between, I wanted to create an album that gives the listener both lyrically and musically an insight as to what it's like to be a young man growing up in Bristol and travelling the world in front and behind a sound system. Most of these songs were written on the road, during busy show periods, in between late nights, early mornings and all the rest."

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