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Verushka delivers shimmering new EP "Only This"

Singer-songwriter and DJ Verushka is ready to make her presence felt with the release of her new EP Only This. The South London artist has endearingly soulful delivery and an original style of songwriting that make each of the project's five tracks fascinating in their own ways.

One of the through lines on Only This is Verushka's warm arranging and vocal layering that pair with some thumping beats and captivating bass lines that engage the audience at every turn. A standout of the set is the EP's title track, which features a simmering production with some seamlessly complex harmonies that provide a gorgeous foundation for Verushka's gliding vocals. The song's tasteful and understated aesthetic speaks volumes about her artistry to go along with her abundant vocal talents. In the world of jazz-infused soul music, Only This proves that Verushka's name is one that should resonate for years to come.

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Feature · Jazz · Neo-Soul · R&B · Soul · U.K.


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