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Jeida Woods is "LVESCK" (Official Video).

Rising singer Jeida Woods first caught our attention with his off-kilter style on "Selfless" and once again delivers another brilliant record titled "LVESCK". The heartwarming record continues Woods' trend of slow, rhythmic, bass-heavy r&b compositions that dive into the weird dynamics of human relationships. He once again teams up with frequent collaborator Lucianblomkamp who helps build the ominous canvas for Woods' heartwarming melodies. Like the title says, the main character is emotionally suffering and is bent on looking for a way to resolve his unbridled passions.

The video which was shot by Zachary Dov Wiesel in NYC follows Woods's character and a faceless girl as they traverse the jungle concrete of the big apple. The cinematic shots are pretty dark and somewhat psychedelic which augments the dark element from the song itself.  "LVESCK" is Jeida Woods's sophomore single

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