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Boys Get Hurt has us longing for "Summer Solstice"

Tokyo's Boys Get Hurt deliver the perfect blend between saccharine synths and warm-weather nostalgia. Aiming to capture the feeling of longing for summer, Boys Get Hurt always manages to do just that. His new tune "Summer Solstice" will have you reminiscing warmer months.

Bittersweet yet carefree melodies come together to build this easy-going tune. "Summer Solstice" is like a refreshing breeze on the beach. Boys Get Hurt uses a twinkling pallet of sounds layered underneath tender vocals to construct his vibing pop masterpiece. If it's not the mood that gets you, the melancholy and sentimental lyrics will win over your heart.

"Summer Solstice" comes in with just the right amount of energy to get you grooving, but at the same time it's still perfect if your feeling more chill. Whether you're in the mood for dancing or relaxing, enjoy this cute little summery treat and be sure to follow along with Boys Get Hurt for more tunes.

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Indie Dance · Nu-disco · Pop · Synth Pop


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