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lullahush debuts new video for "Elysium"

Daniel McIntyre, also known as lullahush, released "Terracotta Slow Dance" earlier this year. It was his debut single as a solo act, and it separated him as a game-changing producer. Earlier this month, he released "Elysium," his second single from A City Made of Water and Small Love. Today, lullahush releases a visual companion to "Elysium" via EARMILK. 

The video helps to contextualize lullhahush's lyrics, lest they be forgotten amid the intensity of the sonics. Initially focused on two friends taking a hike, the video quickly moves to explore themes of loss and death, family and nature. "I wish I had a premium for goodbyes," lullahush sings. "I could stream you any time I like."

The track itself is a stunning build. It wakes up slow, and crescendos into a frantic energy comprised of what seems like hundreds of sounds layered over top of one another. "I started writing this song when I was 17 and afraid of becoming a 'hopeless twenty-something,'" McIntyre says of the track. "It grew up with me and became about the people you lose and the places you can't get back to, but also about the people you stay with and the places you never stop going." 

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