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Röyksopp debuts emotive "Rescue (Lost Tapes)"

Back in February, Röyksopp announced they'd be releasing "Lost Tapes," a release-as-they-go playlist fueled by a treasure trove of rare B-sides that they discovered in a recent clean out of their home studio studio in Norway. An unusual stray from traditional release with older releases constructing a new kind of playlist release for the duo, the handful of singles released as a part of "Lost Tapes" so far has proven their break boundaries, their ability to stay in their own lane, while succeeding outside of any usual expectation.

The latest single addition to this new endeavor is "Rescue," a 10 minute-long expression of why Röyksopp is so revered in the electronic music community and has been able to make music to demand since their debut in 1998. Pulling from deep emotion, "Rescue" has the power to help us each tap into emotions and power we didn't know we had in us. 



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